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SDOpro is proud to present a new addition to its bag of risk management tools. We present to you: Coverage per Staging Location! That’s right, you can purchase additional coverage, for a nominal price, to insulate your current insurance policy and make your clients feel safe.

How it works? Click on the link below today to apply, purchase, and get coverage for the contents of ANY of your staging locations. The application process takes minutes and you can get coverage immediately with a credit card. Note: You purchase one policy, per location.

Why to do it? As a smart business owner you want to limit your risk and protect your assets. This product, which is very affordable does just that by:

  • Insulating your business owner’s policy from claims saving you annual increases year-over year.
  • Terrific Marketing tool- Bringing another valued added benefit to your business by insulating your sellers/agent from large expenses because of stolen, vandalized or other covered perils to your staging inventory while in their property.
  • An ounce of prevention – for very little premium you can protect staging inventory, in any property, and build the cost into your staging contract -it’s smart for you and your client (homeowner).

What is the pricing and how do I afford it?  Some of our stagers build the cost right into their staging contract and explain the advantages to the homeowner (insulating their homeowners from additional costs from staging property losses).

Premium Limits and Costs:

$10,000 Limit — $180 Premium
$20,000 Limit — $250 Premium
$30,000 Limit — $300 Premium

How do I purchase? Just click on the SRM Policy Link below, select the “Property Staging Insurance”, select the limit, and add it to your cart to pay – it’s that easy!

Click on logo to get a per location quote: