Professional Liability Insurance For Architects

What Does Your Professional Liability Insurance For Architects Cover?

  • General Liability: This type of coverage is essential to ensure that anything like property damage or medical costs are covered during the extent of your business’ work.
  • Business Personal Property: Any office supplies, furniture, machinery, or other equipment used by your business should be covered. Business personal property coverage will ensure that it is.
  • Business Auto: Have vehicles that are used for your architecture business? Business auto coverage will guarantee your vehicles are covered in any situation.
  • Worker’s Compensation: It can be expensive to pay for injuries sustained by you and your employees on a job site. Worker’s Compensation coverage can help you ensure that an unexpected injury does not cause undue financial hardships for your business.
  • Umbrella: Sometimes, the existing limits of your insurance coverage may not be enough for the project you are on. Umbrella coverage adds additional coverage for injuries, property damage, and other forms of liability.
  • Professional Liability: Also known as errors and omissions insurance, professional liability coverage ensures that your company would not bear the total cost of a negligence claim made by a client during the project you are hired to work on.
  • Third-Party Crimes: Sometimes, a worker or employee of your business commits an offense while on the client’s property. Third-party coverage works to cover you from the liability of such an offense.
An architect is seen writing on blueprints laid out on top of a table next to a level.

Pen-Ex was developed to provide the best risk management and liability insurance solutions for architects and engineers in the industry. Pen-Ex has several professional relationships with different insurance partners allowing us to help you and your business with personalized insurance programs that can fit all your business liability needs.

Although you may think that your architecture business is okay without extended coverage, you may be surprised that there are a large variety of risks and legal challenges that may confront you and your business. Here at Pen-Ex, we will work to ensure that your company has the perfect architect liability insurance to meet your needs without breaking the bank.

When Do I Need Architect Errors and Omission and Professional Liability Insurance?

There are several reasons why you may need architect liability insurance as an architect. First, insurance can be a big deal to potential clients interested in hiring you. Although someone without insurance may charge less for their services, most clients are aware of the risks that accompany hiring uninsured architects and rightly steer far away from them.

However, clients tend to gravitate towards those with excellent architect liability insurance, likely because they will be more likely to get their money back in the event of a lawsuit or other legal action.

Second, you would likely need architect liability insurance to work with other firms. Although some companies carry insurance coverage that includes coverage for joint ventures, that can be an extremely large risk for the company carrying the policy. They have no guarantee that you and your business can afford the potential costs if something goes wrong.

Last, if you are interested in leasing or owning an office space for your business, you will most likely need some form of liability insurance, whether general, architect, or a combination of the two. If an accident were to happen on the property, the liability insurance carried by your business would cover any incurred medical bills. If you did not have this coverage, the property owner would then be liable.

What Are Architects Liable For?

Architects discussing plans and architect liability insurance
  • Producing and coordinating plans and specifications
  • Specific designs
  • Accuracy of technical documents and contracts
  • How well does the design functions
  • Is the project code compliant?
  • Submittal review and approval
  • Prompt action and response on projects
  • Worksite evaluations
  • Good judgment equal to professional competence in the field

How Much Does Architect Professional Liability Insurance Cost?

Founded in 1983 with the purpose to provide insurance for Architects and Engineers, Pen-Ex is an industry leader and can offer competitive insurance quotes and coverage. Our over 40 years of claims and risk management experience is reflected in our architect liability insurance policies to provide you with the specialized and comprehensive coverage that you need for your business.

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