Professional Organizer Insurance for Home Organizers

What Does Professional Organizer Insurance Cover?

  • General Liability
  • Business Personal Property for all locations
  • Business Auto
  • Workers Compensation
  • Umbrella
  • Professional Liability and 3rd-party Crime
A home organizer sits at her desk in front of her laptop as she writes notes down in a little notebook. On the desk, we see a pink book, a tablet, a smartphone, a green plant, and a black lamp.

A professional organizer helps a person, organization, or business organize any physical or digital space that may exist. This includes removing items that are not wanted or needed, aiding in decision making, and setting up organization systems whether that be shelving, labeling, filing, or any other form of management.

When working as a professional organizer, it can be easy to forget that there is any number of challenges that may arise that could cost you and your professional organizer business lots of time and money. By finding an appropriate professional organizer insurance policy for your business, you can rest assured that you will not lose your business while keeping both you and your client’s belongings safe as well.

What Kind of Professional Organizer Insurance Do You Need?

Professional Organizer working in a living room

Unfortunately, many times general liability coverage (while necessary) does not adequately cover you and your business if a problem occurs. As a result, professional liability insurance is highly recommended for a professional organizer business to ensure that your business will not incur the costs of any issues that your client may have had with your businesses’ performance.

A client may accuse you of not following through on a project or say that you did not complete the project to their specifications. Without the proper professional liability insurance, you may find yourself bogged down in endless legal battles that cost you time and money that you do not have.

How to Get Professional Organizer Insurance?

Our process to provide insurance for professional organizers starts with the application. Our insurance application is tailored to the professional organizer industry, with specific questions related to the types of risks that an organizing business faces. You can fill out the application conveniently online or call one of our highly-qualified and responsive agents to assist you with the application process. Once your application is submitted, our team will evaluate your responses and provide you with a competitive quote in a timely manner. If accepted, Pen-Ex will bind coverage and send you a certificate of insurance.

Hear From Other Organizers!

“As a business owner, client service is extremely important to me. Lauren was extremely professional and responsive when providing me with a quote. Pen-Ex Insurance’s business insurance coverage and rates are very competitive.”
– Clutter-Free Organization

Protect Your Organizer Career with Pen-Ex’s Professional Organizer Insurance

Do not risk your and your business’s health, safety, and financial well-being by going without an adequate insurance plan for interior designers. Contact our skilled agents at Pen-Ex: A Villanova Insurance Partners Company today for a free quote on professional organizer insurance and to discover what will best work for you and your business.