Interior Designer Insurance for Your Interior Design Business

Our Insurance for Interior Designers Covers:

  • General Liability
  • Business Personal Property (for all locations)
  • Business Auto, Workers Compensation, and Umbrella
  • Professional Liability and 3rd-party Crime 
  • Workers Compensation

Most people might not think of interior design as the kind of business where there is a great deal of unexpected hazards or costs. However, as is the case in any business, there are several different problems that can happen while on the job. When those accidents or incidents do occur, it can cost you both time and money to remedy the situation.

By signing your business up for an interior designer insurance policy, you can develop a solid plan to help ensure that neither your nor your company ends up in hot water. You can also feel confident that when things do take a turn for the worst, you’ll be fully protected. By contacting PenEx, we can give you a fast, free quote as to what plan would best suit your business, whether based on coverage, pricing, or both.

What Insurance Does an Interior Designer Need?


Generally speaking, professional liability insurance is a must for an interior designer. Unfortunately, general liability will not always cover all the costs that may arise from an incident that arises during an interior design project. As the interior designer, you are often entrusted to plan to effectively design the space to the customer’s expectations and deadlines.

These expectations can sometimes increase the risk for miscommunication, confusion, and rushed work – which can simultaneously increase the potential of an incident occurring. As a result, it is in your best bet to protect yourself from the potential for legal action from clients that may accuse you of mistakes or unfinished projects. Lawsuits can be very financially draining and time-consuming processes, and it is generally best to ensure that you have the correct professional liability insurance so that you do not become bogged down in fighting a client’s claims.

Should I Care which Type of Insurer I Purchase Insurance From?

From the customer’s point of view, the company that offers you the product and service you want at the quality you desire for the lowest cost should be the company you purchase insurance from, regardless of their organizational form.

Economists have tried in numerous studies to identify which one of its organizational forms can provide the insurance product at the lowest cost and the answers are mixed. Therefore, potential customers should probably base their purchasing decisions on other factors such as the financial quality of the firm.

Stay Covered & Protected with PenEx’s Insurance for Interior Designers

Do not risk you and your businesses health, safety, and financial well being by going without an adequate insurance plan for interior designers. Contact our skilled agents at PenEx today for a free quote on interior designer insurance and to discover what will best work for you and your business.

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