Interior Design Professional Liability Insurance

Business Insurance for Interior Designers & Decorators

Even the most skilled designers face unexpected challenges. That’s where errors and omission insurance for interior designers come in – we’ve got your back with tailored coverage to keep your business running smoothly.

What Kind of Business Insurance Do Interior Designers Need?

  • Business Owner’s Policy (BOP)
    • General Liability Insurance for Interior Designers
    • Business Personal Property Insurance (for all locations)
  • Errors and Omission Insurance for Interior Designers (Professional Liability)
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
  • Business Auto Insurance, and Umbrella
  • Cyber Liability Insurance
  • Workers Compensation Insurance
From directly above, we see two interior designers at a desk across blueprints, color samples, a Mac desktop computer, a tablet, a calculator, a small green plant, and pictures of the interior of a house they're currently working on.

When accidents or incidents do occur, it can cost you both time and money to remedy the situation.

By signing your business up for an interior designer insurance policy, you can develop a solid plan to prevent and manage claims. Get a fast, free quote for the plan that would best suit your business based on coverage, pricing, or both.

Interior Design Professional Liability Insurance with PenEx

  • Experience: We have over 40+ years of experience providing insurance for interior designers in all 50 states.
  • Tailored Coverage: We offer tailored coverage designed specifically for interior designers.
  • Low Premiums: We offer competitive rates through our own insurance captive.
  • Risk and Claims Management: We include risk and claims management from our in-house attorneys.
  • Pre-Claims Assistance: We offer pre-claims assistance with risk management tools to keep you out of a claim.
  • Worry-Free Claims Reporting: If we don’t pay anything, you don’t pay anything.

PenEx has teamed up with VillaNova to develop a custom-tailored insurance package designed to meet the unique needs of homeowners in today’s dynamic market.

Insurance Policies Available for Interior Designers

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) for Interior Designers

Nearly every business should start with a BOP or commercial package (depending on their industry). The Business Owner’s Policy is a packaged product of General Liability and Property coverage that includes many other “bells & whistles” coverages via premium endorsements or can have other important coverages, like Employment Practices Liability, or Cyber Liability added at a sub-limit for an additional premium.

Interior Designer decorating a living room

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) Components:

  • General Liability Insurance for Interior Designers: Third-party coverage for injury or property damage. This is important insurance for interior designers as they will most likely be doing work at another person’s premises. If, through your own negligence, you cause someone to get hurt (like leaving a tool on the ground that your client trips and falls to injury) you would be covered, not only for your client’s medical bills but if they should sue you for pain and suffering. You would also be covered should you cause physical damage to your client’s property (like knocking over a china cabinet, or scratching the floor and furniture).
  • Business Personal Property Insurance: Under the property section you will have first-party property coverage to insure your inventory, tools, computers, office furniture, and more. Business Interruption coverage, for losses to your income, while your business is shut down due to a covered peril, also is covered under the property section of your policy.
Errors and Omission Insurance For Interior Designers

Errors and Omission Insurance For Interior Designers

If you’re sued, not because of bodily injury, but because of a failure in your professional capacity such as giving bad advice and recommending a floor that’s easily damaged, general liability policies (BOP) won’t cover you. E&O covers financial loss to a third party.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance For Interior Designers

If you have employees on your payroll, or even if you are subcontracting the same people every day (which can constitute an employee equivalent from a WC perspective), you will need Worker’s Compensation insurance to cover employees’ medical and wages should they get injured on the job.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance For Interior Designers
: Business Auto Insurance For Interior Designers

Business Auto Insurance For Interior Designers

As an interior designer, if your vehicle is involved in an accident while on the way to deliver furnishings for a project, your business auto insurance would cover the damages and liability costs associated with the incident. This ensures that your business assets and reputation remain protected.

Cyber Liability Insurance

In today’s digital age, protecting client data is more important than ever. Cyber liability insurance can help cover expenses related to data breaches, such as notifying affected clients, providing credit monitoring services, and defending against lawsuits.

Cyber Liability Insurance

What Our Policy Holder Says About Us

I’ve been insured with villaNOVA Insurance Partners/PenEx Insurance for my interior design business for the past 4 years, and the experience has been exceptional. The coverage tailored for interior designers and stagers is industry specific and very comprehensive, meeting all my business needs. I highly recommend villaNOVA Insurance Partners/PenEx Insurance for interior designers.

Leah Check has proven to be an invaluable resource; her impressive industry knowledge ensures I have the right coverage for my unique requirements. Having a dedicated support person who understands the ins and outs of my industry is truly invaluable.

– Angela Crowne, Owner & Designer, Interiors To Move You LLC

Working with Nova Insurance through the DSA Insure program has been a simple and affordable way to get the coverage I need for my interior design process. The entire application and approval process were smooth sailing. Their team is not only professional but also incredibly understanding of the unique needs of the interior design industry. They made sure I got the coverage I needed without drowning me in complicated paperwork. …If you’re looking for an insurance partner that makes things easy, affordable, and genuinely cares about your business, DSA Insure is the way to go.

– Amanda Arcone, New England Home & Interiors

Q&As for Insurance for Interior Designer

  • Interior designers
  • Decorating consultants
  • Interior design consultants
  • Interior decorating consultants

Interior designers need insurance to protect themselves, their businesses, and their clients from liabilities and risks associated with their work. This includes coverage for potential property damage, accidents, professional errors, and legal claims arising from their design services. Depending on your state, interior designers and decorators are required to have certain business insurances like E&O and general liability.

A Pen-Ex program specialist can discuss your business goals and outline the best and most affordable interior design insurance plan to keep your business and personal assets safe. Moreover, we will bundle coverage together, with our specialized programs, to get you the very best coverage and pricing.

There are many ways to manage risk within your business, all of which are part of a sound risk management program.

  • Having people take ownership of their participation, such as signing waivers
  • Defer risk to a third party by buying an insurance policy
  • Require clients to sign service agreements

Require contractors to sign subcontractor agreements or purchase their own insurance

  • Projects that go over budget
  • Advice that doesn’t work out
  • Mistakes in measuring that add additional costs
  • Failing to complete a project on time
  • Material acquisition error
  • Modifications in the plan of the design
  • Failing to abide by the building codes
  • Dissatisfied clients
  • Property damage or injury due to professional negligence

E&O insurance pays for legal defense costs and any judgments or settlements arising out of lawsuits from professional misconduct, errors, and omissions. Because there’s the potential for any designer to make mistakes, essentially all decorators and interior designers need this type of coverage.

Yes, typically, design tools and equipment are covered under interior designer insurance policies. These policies often include coverage for business property, which extends to tools, equipment, and supplies used in the course of your interior design work. However, it’s essential to review your specific policy to understand the extent of coverage.

When filing an interior designer insurance claim, it’s crucial to first notify your insurance provider as soon as possible. Then, gather all necessary documentation, such as incident details, photographs, and any relevant communications. Be sure to complete any claim forms accurately and thoroughly, and cooperate fully with the insurance company’s investigation process. Finally, keep track of all correspondence and follow up regularly to ensure your claim is processed efficiently.

Yes, there may be exclusions or limitations to coverage that you should be aware of when considering interior designer insurance. Some common exclusions or limitations to coverage in interior designer insurance may include:

  • Exclusions for intentional acts or fraud.
  • Limitations on coverage for certain high-risk activities or services.
  • Exclusions for claims arising from failure to meet contractual obligations.
  • Limitations on coverage for damage to certain types of property.
  • Exclusions for claims related to professional errors or negligence.

The average cost of an Interior Design Insurance Program can vary on the business structure, experience in the business, claims history, the amount of property they own, whether or not they have employees or vehicles, and other various underwriting criteria. Our interior designer insurance premiums start at $500 per year. However, the average cost nationally for an interior designer business owner’s policy is about $1,200 annually, and adding E&O increases the cost to $1,500- $1,700. Worker’s Compensation costs will depend on the number of employees and the resulting annual payroll per classification code.

Stay Covered & Protected With PenEx’s Insurance For Interior Designers

To protect your interior design business, the first step is to identify your specific needs based on your projects, size, and employees. At PenEx, powered by villaNOVA Insurance Partners, we offer a wide range of interior design insurance options. We can help you choose the coverage that’s right for your business, and we can tailor a plan to your specific needs. Contact our skilled agents at Pen-Ex: A Villanova Insurance Partners Company today for a free quote on interior designer insurance and to discover what will best work for you and your business.