Stagers Per Location Coverage via SRM Staging Policy

Real estate staging can be a risky business. It often involves moving expensive furniture and the homeowner’s property, which increases the risk of causing damage wither to the home or the property. Potential buyers coming in and out of the home can also pose a risk. Additionally, with homeowners being away from the majority of the day, there is an increased risk of theft or vandalism in or around the home.

This also leaves open the possibility that if an emergency breaks out, such as a water leak or a fire, it will take longer before an emergency response team can arrive as it will likely take longer for someone to report the situation. Risk management for real estate staging is perfectly designed to address those deficiencies and protect you against potential losses before they occur.

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How Does It Work?

Working with risk management for real estate staging is easy to do. Once retained, we send an experienced risk management analyst to the home for sale to assess the home and identify the biggest risks in staging the home.

They will also provide suggestions and guidance to remedy some of these risks. In all, the risk assessment report can help you determine whether the risks are too high to make it financially worth it to take the staging job, or if the risks can be mitigated and the best methods for doing so. Furthermore, these reports can help you determine what kind of insurance coverage might be appropriate for a particular job.

How Do I Pay for It?

Payment options are flexible for our Real Estate Staging risk management. We offer our insureds options for long term partnerships, or payment options for each individual job. We also offer additional enhancements that can expand or limit your coverage depending on each individual situation or the specific needs of each job.

In any case, we have payment options that can fit your budget and save you the future hassle of trying to handle expenses flowing from incidents that could have been prevented.

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There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to real estate staging risk management. Our team at PenEx has years of experience personalizing assessment options for every type of home stager and real estate company’s needs.