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Welcome current RESA members to RESASURE! RESASURE is a tailored program ONLY for current RESA members providing discounts and enhancements to your insurance and risk management subscription. If you are not a current RESA member, you can sign up/renew your RESA membership by going to the RESA page (click on icon at bottom of page and you will be taken to RESA’s site).


RESA members receive a discount annual fee and enhanced coverages by being an active RESA member, see below at the advantages to our standard SDOpro program:

Reasure advantage - List of Services Comparison 3.0

Judy Fobes
877-438-7369 ext. 105

Rachel Violi
877-438-7369 ext.102

*Discounts are given per underwriting guidelines showing proof of being an association member and/or in a risk management program.
*Professional Liability included when applicable and available by state – it is NOT to be assumed it is automatically included.

RESA members can have their current contracts reviewed and will have exclusive access to Attorney Joe Denneler and his team of risk managers via RESA and RESA events!  Plus, RESA’s discount price makes your risk management subscription cheaper than most monthly gym memberships. You have many tools to keep your business healthy and thriving and the RESASURE risk management program is just one more – It’s like Roadside Assistance for your business!

Imagine having trouble with your contracts, a potential claim arising, or just trouble with a client and need to discuss with an attorney? RESASURE gives you that support at your fingertips via our Claims Assist Hotline, or access to Attorney Joe Denneler and his team!

Step#1 Remember complete the Home Stagers Insurance Application first and indicate you are a RESA member with your current RESA ID (ID”S will be verified through RESA):

Home Stagers Application

Step#2 Receive your insurance and risk management quote (you will automatically be sent a risk management quote), review and sign up! If you have any questions during the process please reach out to

To Become a RESA Member and Get the Advantages of RESASURE, Click the Logo Below: