What is Interior Design Workers Compensation Insurance?

Interior Designer decorating a living room

Interior design workers compensation insurance is a critical protection for your business. As an employer, you are liable for your employees’ and your own safety while on the job. Interior design workers compensation insurance will cover wages and medical costs for your employees and long-term subcontractors who are injured while working.

Workers compensation is often misunderstood and, unfortunately, all too often overlooked in many businesses with catastrophic results. Our interior designer insurance experts at PenEx can help you manage your risk with insurance and handle claims against your business should they arise.

Within this industry, interior designers and their employees perform hazardous duties while completing their work in people’s homes or offices. Interior designers also require their employees to travel to different locations, increasing their exposure to automobile accidents and resulting workers compensation claims.

Why Interior Designers Need Workers Compensation Insurance?

Over the years, we have fielded a number of false comments from our clients about why they DON’T need workers compensation insurance.

  • I work alone, I don’t use help.
  • I use friends, family, and casual labor from time to time and they won’t sue me.
  • I use a moving company and they are just owners so they don’t need workers compensation. They can’t report a claim because they are not employees.

These common misunderstandings are extremely dangerous when it comes to litigating a workers compensation claim and could present irrevocable damage to your enterprise.

While developing insurance policies for interior designers, we also field many questions regarding workers compensation coverage. We have compiled several frequently asked questions that our agents have received to dispel some of the common misconceptions about workers compensation in interior design.

  • Will my health insurance cover my injuries as an owner?
    Many health insurers will not cover work related injuries.
  • Should I just not mention it was a work related injury when I get to the emergency room, or say it happened at home?
    This is considered insurance fraud in most states.
  • If I use a moving company and I ask for proof of workers compensation insurance, what should I do if they are owners and/or have a state exemption?
    Courts can still look to you to pay claims based on negligence.
  • My moving company provided proof of insurance but the owner is excluded. What happens if he is moving furniture and is injured?
    You can still be sued based on negligence.

Interior design workers compensation insurance protects your business. Do not work as an uncovered owner or work with a company exempting or excluding workers compensation. It is an essential practice to have subcontractors provide proof of insurance and have a written contract that holds you harmless in the event of a workers compensation claim. Although workers compensation insurance is an additional cost, in most states it is required by law and pales in comparison to a lawsuit for medical and legal expenses.

What does Interior Design Workers Compensation cover?

Workers’ compensation insurance should be added to your business policy immediately after hiring your first employee. Working in people’s homes or offices providing interior design services can put yourself or your employees at risk. In the event of a work related injury or illness, workers compensation will cover medical expenses, disability, and death benefits.

The most common work-related injuries that result in workers compensation claims are overexertion, bodily reaction; falls, slips, trips; contact with objects and equipment; and transportation incidents. Carpal tunnel is even covered in the office setting. Additionally, most states require employers to have workers compensation insurance.

Does your State Require Workers Compensation for Interior Design Businesses?

Workers compensation requirements vary from state to state. In Pennsylvania, for example, nearly all enterprises are required to provide workers compensation. Workers compensation requirements are controlled at the state level and influenced by certain demographics, such as cost of living and history of claims. In some instances, this can add to the confusion of workers compensation requirements.

All states are not equal when it comes to workers compensation classification codes and rates. There can be great disparity in the coding and subsequent rates from state to state. The suggested workers compensation codes for interior designers are 8742 and 9521. Our experts here at PenEx can assemble the best policy for you that meets your state’s insurance requirements.

How do you get Interior Design Workers Compensation Insurance?

Protect yourself and your business with interior designer insurance through PenEx. We are a national agency headquartered in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. Our team provides superior expertise and customer service. Contact our interior design workers compensation experts at (877) 438-7369 and let PenEx customize a policy for you.